. . . was right.

 The survival of capitalism depends on a rate of "asset wasting" (the loss of capital due to enterprise failure) equal to interest.  The maintenance of capital through monopoly or subsidy defeats the purpose of this mechanism, leading to anti-social measures such as corporate merging, downsizing and other rationalization, and the cheapening of labor, by expanding the work force through "efficiencies," such as globalization, feminism (adding women to the workforce), child/slave labor, and such false "rights" as result-dependent "equal opportunity," all the while holding constant the aggregate wage.  By the corruption of the political system by vested interests and the enervation of the civic community, by lawyers and television, reform has become impossible.  The end of freedom is near, and it will not be missed; for the enslaved, oblivious to their enslavement, will have their continuous bread and circuses, provided by their corporate Caesars.